What We’re About

A Persian Kiwi family business sharing our love of food and furnishings

Market Sultan, originally “Sultan Spice”, was founded in 2014 by Mousa Assady.

Having been born and raised in Iran, Mousa knew the importance of using authentic top quality Persian spices, the most important, and hard to obtain in New Zealand, being Saffron.

After a few years of selling several different spices and foodstuffs, Mousa consolidated the business, settling on Saffron as the only foodstuff on his shelf, and branched out into other homeware from Iran.

A visit to a friend’s factory in Yazd started the journey into mats. The mats are a jacquard weave, with a rubberised non-slip backing. A very modern process is used to reproduce traditional Persian patterns, in a hard wearing, easy wash floor mat.

Market Sultan have brought in a limited number of cuddly blankets, known as “patu” in Farsi. They are very popular in Iran, where in places, it definitely gets cold!

Mousa is making trips back to Iran every few years, so each time he intends to add to the variety of goods available. He is looking forward to adding beautiful things to the Homewares department.