Our Story

A family business sharing our love of food and furnishings

Let me tell you a story of resilience, determination and hope.

Many years ago, a young man named Mousa arrived in New Zealand with simply the clothes on his back, US$500 in his pocket and three English phrases to his name.  This young man built a life for himself here in New Zealand, but he never forgot his Middle Eastern roots. A chef who prized quality and authenticity, Mousa founded ‘Sultan Spice’ in 2014 and began importing precious saffron and other spices.

A visit to a friend’s rug-making factory sparked a unique vision: beautiful Middle Eastern decor integrated into a Kiwi lifestyle. During regular trips back home to procure saffron, Mousa began sourcing traditional Persian rugs, stunning ceramic and copper homeware, vibrant bedding and throws, and ‘Market Sultan’ was born.

No good story is complete without a twist – and now New Zealand began to stamp its mark on Market Sultan! Floor mats became throws and covers; small rugs were adapted for yoga and prayer; student flats took on a unique aesthetic with washable, non-slip modern designs.

We’ve come full circle. Mousa has visions for his retirement: friends and old customers coming to drink saffron tea in the sun while his son Arash works in the shop, stepping further into the leadership of Market Sultan each day.

This is a story with layers: multi-faceted, multi-dimensional… of seemingly incompatible values meshing and blending.  It’s a story filled with colour – and it’s Our Story.